Tuesday, 1 January 2013

legalize Ganja (Marijuana) For Medical Use

I am totally against smoking it has been proven that all type of smoking is bad for your health, i would go a bit futher i would loby for all smoking to be ban in public places.

Marijuana bud

I would like ganja (Marijuana) to be legalize for medical use and not for smoking, ganja is very very good for the treatment of HIV and other aids related treatment.  Many research have proven that HIV patient that use ganja (Marijuana) maintain better health.

Ganja Bud

Ganja (Marijuana) seeds are very good to stabilize and normalize your cholesterol level, I know of a young lady who use to take prescribe medication for her cholesterol problems and she was still having problems. But when she started using the ganja (Marijuana) seeds her cholesterol was stabilize.

That is to show that ganja (Marijuana) is a great medicine, but it should not be used for smoking.

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